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GEESYS is a team of qualified professionals who have a rich experience in IT and transport logistics.

We provide shipping services more than twenty years. More than 15 years we are working in IT, cloud computing and software development.

Theoretical and practical knowledge which is sufficient to work has been gained during that time. The unique experience at the interface of logistics and IT allowed us to create a new product, which not presented yet on the Russian market. We are proud to offer you an original development - the GEESYS project.

This electronic business agent helps to manage all the business processes in the logistics and shipping. We have made a database of transport companies that provides shipping services, and also collected their potential and current customers. All of them are real players in the market.

Our goal is to bring together customers and potential contractors into a unified system. We help to register and maintain logistics projects of any complexity. All processes at any stage of each project are monitored by us until it complete successful.

We are always glad to register new users in our database. Our target audience includes any transport owners providing shipments, and also their potential customers (trading, industrial, other firms and individuals). Corporate customers and shipping companies which already have contractual relations have a full access to the system and work in a private mode. They use any capabilities of the GEESYS product. All of them can also use our exchange to expand their customer base.

We look forward to seeing you in our system. It is simple, intuitive and easy to use. It is also easy to learn and put into practice (for example, to find cargo). You will push the boundaries; find new partners, customers and contractors. Join the GEESYS team!


We are proud to offer you GEESYS-a new service that allows you to manage the shipping.

Our electronic system will help you to arrange the delivery of your goods quickly and easily:

You can arrange the delivery of any items to any place of the country (or even a few) – it is easy now to find a transport. What we offer to our customers:

Information about all suppliers is complete, accessible and understandable. While learning and analyzing it you take the only right decision by choosing the optimal executor for your order. Now it is easier to find vehicles that are optimal for solving your problems. Having placed the data about the cargo and its route, you immediately receive notifications about the companies and individuals interested in your order. You will only need to analyze the information and choose the best partner.

The route may include the points of departure and arrival, as well as a number of intermediate stops. The system allows you to show available cargo, to monitor your shipping and its movements around the country in real time. You will be able to contact the contractor at any processing order stage.

The interface is simple and convenient. We visualize the data on the extent, complexity and duration of the route. Our software will help you to choose the stops, change of cargo, refueling of transport. You can select the places where our partners work and get from them an additional bonuses and discounts.

Communicating with the contractors at any convenient moment you can easily specify all the details of the order processing. This will allow you to worry less about the safety of your goods. Our system gives you not only a search for a carrier but also an additional guarantee.

Almost eliminating risks, as well as minimizing financial costs and efforts you will get the best money result. Y order will be processed efficiently in a short time. Join the GEESYS system and order shipping with our help only!


GEESYS is an optimal system for carriers, it is clear and convenient. It has registered a lot of direct customers - your potential customers. Now you can exclude the services of intermediary companies from the processes. Thus the shipping of goods will become more profitable and simple working business.

After placing the data on available and ready-to-shipping orders, you will receive notifications about the availability of interested customers immediately. At this stage your task is just to choose the most suitable partner and conclude a contract with him.

All stages of the orders processing will be monitored to simplify management, communication with the customer and reporting. Operators of the GEESYS system will constantly be in touch with you. They will help you to solve any problems and to get out of the most difficult situations with minimal losses.

Real-time monitoring:

Now you do not have to worry about finding customers and partners, about communicating with them in the process of executing orders, or about clear reporting. Everything will be taken care by the GEESYS team. Our system will help the customer to place a cargo, as well as to find the best route and points for team rest and for car refueling and servicing.

We protect transport owners and companies in the service sector. It is possible to receive a payment on the next day after the shipping has been complete. The speed of the payment is directly related to the customer rating.

For reducing your risks we will provide you with the full information about the potential customer. In our system you can find out:

In this way risks will be minimized at the start of cooperation with the new customer. You can find an order for shipping choosing the most honest, decent and reliable partners. We strictly inspect all customers and carriers. Complex checks are conducted in several stages. Due to this checks we can guarantee the reliability of all partners working with GEESYS.

The entire working process with our system almost completely excludes the main risks associated with shipping market. You will expand your business without losses, get a new partners, increase turnover and revenues. Start to earn more right now!


GEESYS takes care of you. Our transport exchange provides an absolute protection.

We understand the dangers facing all participants of the shipping market:

Customers and performers can face problems at any time. We took care of the maximum risk reduction.

First of all, we provided a complex check of all participants of transactions that come to our system for cargo carriers. It includes a several stages. Having a wide experience in logistics we know what and how to check very well.

It makes registration and work with GEESYS somewhat difficult, but it provides the protection from dishonesty or elementary inexperience of potential partners.

The experience and knowledge in the IT security have helped us to ensure the maximum protection of our data and also of the information transfer channels. It is almost impossible to open it. You can be sure of absolute confidentiality.

During the orders processing time we track the work of the contractors at every stage. We control the situation (as well as the available transport) regardless of the cargo and the route complexity. Customers and executives can connect to the audits at any time.

However, even having perfectly arranged the logistics and having established control system one cannot get a one hundred percent guarantee of success. None of us is immune from force majeure. Therefore, GEESYS has agreed with the leading player in the insurance market to provide our customers with special conditions. GEESYS has a general insurance partner and all cargo shipping is insured in the system by default.

The insured carriers will receive additional points for their rating, this way we increase their motivation. We are working only with trusted partners. There is no doubt that you will receive payments in full when an insured event occurs. You will provide and receive shipping services with minimal risks by registering with us!


The GEESYS system is unique. There are no similar systems that manage business processes in the modern domestic logistics. We have brought together a wealth of experience in such areas as cargo shipping and information technology.

At the junction of two most dissimilar activities a reliable and convenient product for all participants of the exchange has turned out. You can abstract from the technical details and complexities working efficiently and mutually. The investments of labor, time and finances are minimized.

All interfaces are convenient and intuitive. The choice of potential partners, as well as additional bonuses and options is quite large. Each customer can choose what he needs exactly; find a suitable contractor who provides shipping services.

We made the financial side of the transactions completely transparent. The pricing system is simple, clear and understandable for everyone. Hidden payments are not available. Each participant of the transaction understands how much he pays for one or another service related to shipping. He knows what he should get for the money he has spent. We are honest and transparent to customers and to the state.

What we developed to provide the maximum safety of our customers:

Working with us is not just simple and convenient, but also safe. We use all the leading market achievements and technological capabilities to ensure your comfort, convenience and safety.

Having registered in GEESYS system you will get a lot of new opportunities for business development. Cooperation with us will open new horizons for your business and will increase its profitability. In addition, you will get a lot of bonuses from partners of our system.

At the same time we will save your strength and time taking on many ongoing troubles and worries. Register with us and you will feel the difference quickly!


Registration in the GEESYS system is an indispensable condition for work with us. It is quite simple for users. But behind the apparent simplicity hides a large, well-coordinated work of our team. We verify and identify each user, both who wish to find a shipping, and who look for new clients. There are complex and at the same time sufficiently reliable software functions for this.

The confidentiality rules are strictly observed while processing and storing all the users data of the system. Your competitors will never get from us extra information. All passwords, keys and secret data are securely protected.

In addition we carefully check all companies and individuals registered in our system:

Only in this way we can be sure of the customer reliability and the reliability of the data they provide, such as shipping, available cargo and vehicles.

Registration is absolutely free. From the very first moment it opens the full range of our system possibilities to new users. Only by registering you will be able to appreciate its advantages in full. We do not oblige you to start creating or process an order immediately.

You join the system, register and slowly explore all its possibilities. The way you will use GEESYS depends on you. We provide a full set of features, bonuses and options for all registered users. Join the team of successful and reliable partners! The search for a carrier or customer has become surprisingly simple and convenient!


Work with the GEESYS system is the complete financial transparency and reliability.

Shipping of goods is associated with large investments. We have done our best to protect cash flows. We provide a quality of proven technologies for years. We chose the best of the latest developments.

We also took care of the protection of all participants. All cases concluded by the partnership agreements, where detailed all conditions, terms and amounts of payments. Fines and penalties are also foreseen for non-compliance. We control the fulfillment of all the conditions of each contract including the conscientious management of the fleet and the performance of all contractual obligations.

Our specialists follow the pricing. It is obvious, clear and transparent to everyone. The cost of any services is predictable: there are some standards for which you can check the partner’s prices. There will be no unpleasant surprises. You will be able to choose a contractor who offers the lowest price and provides the highest quality of service. Or vice versa: find a customer who decided to place the goods and ready to pay more than others.

We have a system for evaluating the system. Depending on the rating in GEESYS the speed of payment also increases. In addition those contractors who are rated more than others can earn more. Customers who are at the top of the rankings are provided with additional bonuses and discounts.

What is the most important - it's a 100% guarantee of all payments. You can be sure of receiving payment by the processing the order. On the contrary, ordering a service you will receive what you paid for in full. Our services control the reliability of all contract participants. Work with GEESYS is a mutually beneficial cooperation, transparency of financial flows, confidence of all tasks and payments.


Transport Exchange GEESYS uses electronic document flow. This was made specially for your convenience and safety. It will improve the quality not only of working in our system, but also of your business management. You do not have to draw up documents on paper, but if it is absolutely necessary for you, we will send the full package of documents. Also you do not need to seek help from outside companies.

We putted together in one space:

We understand the importance and confidentiality of any business documents laid out on the system for cargo carriers. We have provided additional degrees of protection for many of them. You can not be afraid for your reputation and information that you do not want to share with other market participants.

At the same time all the necessary documents are always at your fingertips. You can exchange them with partners at any time or upload them to your own program. Do you want to save the materials for yourself or prepare reports for official authorities? There will be no problems.

The interface is simple and convenient. All documents are systematized. The search for materials and work with them are simplified as much as possible. The data storage system is reliable. Loss of documentation and important information (such as finance, available transport, orders, etc.) are excluded.

You can entrust the maintenance of the workflow to the GEESYS team. We have:

Well-qualified specialists and top-quality developments of logistics and information technology will be always at your services. Our team is ready to provide you with a convenient, simple and absolutely reliable electronic document system. Trust us and you will see this! To provide and receive shipping services has become even easier and more convenient with us!

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